Sporty luxe

Funny story, I was getting my pictures together for this blog and hubby says with relief “Oh, that’s for your blog, thought you were online shopping again”. To be honest, online shopping is the best, you don’t have to go to shopping centres and queue, or be in a crowd. Lately during the last few months I have decided I don’t like large gatherings much and I certainly don’t like to queue. Im sure this is due to lockdown during COVID and the fear that it’s going to happen again (I also don’t want COVID).

Anyway, to the topic, sporty luxe, it’s actually pretty easy, I reckon the private school kids had it nailed in the 80’s (I wasn’t one of those) with all the country road going on, I was wearing target brands (I think it was venture at the time).

So Sporty luxe is all about keeping it simple and making sure it fits correctly so it looks like you have the expensive brands. Find a brand that you know fits you and when it is on sale, buy up! In the picture of me I am wearing Mavi jeans and a Little Lies top, both $19 each on a sale at my favourite shop. I also did indulge in white runners by Jaingo and Juliette $150 albeit on sale at the same shop.

With jeans, if you are going to tuck in a top, even partially, go for a generous size. I know I am often guilty of not doing this, I like the smaller numbers (nobody wears their size on the outside of their jeans, seriously). If the jeans are too tight then you look like a rolled ham….. the fat has to go somewhere! Seriously you’d think I’d learn, well actually I did in this latest picture of me, only took me around 40years of jean wearing!

Accept what size you are and work it!

Dinner out down the beach

At the moment I am staying in a cabin down the bottom end of Victoria in Australia. It’s extremely windy and there is a storm coming, its also the middle of Summer, this often happens here. I have been in the surf (briefly) today, the water was not moving but it was so windy. This also happens in Summer here.

Yesterday I went shopping (there are amazing boutiques here). I bought a tiered dress, I am very wary of these as they can make me look pregnant. So I thought I would put together a blog about it. If at all unsure, try it on before you buy it. Also make sure it is loose across your breast area, and if you are tall like me, get a small size or you will feel like a circus tent. I have seen so many women wear them around here and they all look amazing.

So as you can tell, I am older, but it still works. You also may be able to tell it is intact very windy out here as well as the sky being very dark, glad I’m not eating dinner el-fresco, I’d be blown across the river!!

Here are some more ideas I put together today.

Christmas in Summer

Ok so some of us do have Christmas in Summer, it’s not always a white Christmas, particularly in Australia.

We are only just out of lockdown in Melbourne after a horrific second wave of COVID-19 so we are making the most of what we can around Christmas. Here is an outfit similar to what I will be wearing Christmas day.

Merry Christmas everyone!