Weekend wear

Weekend wear

Duster coat

Skinny pants

Flat shoes

Butterfly home decor

Loop Lantern

Natural Dyed Fabric Journals


Wardrobe malfunction and a nailfie!!

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with that perfectly planned outfit.  Not just clothes either……nails!  I am so rough with nails its crazy, Well I do fly light planes for fun and my hands are often in a Piper Lycoming engine, which is why they look so rough and dry.  I need to moisturise more often.

So here’s my main beef and how to fix it.   I smashed 3 nails by accident in quick succession this week, one in the plane, one while cleaning the bathrooms at home, and the other while rushing around before work (don’t you just hate that?!) and as luck is not on my side today, the lady who does my nails is overseas until next week.

Answer… simply, a fake set of nails from kmart, use them as feature nails.  Get any that tie in with your other nails that aren’t damaged.  (ie. make sure one of the colors on the feature nail is similar to your other nails).

My neighbour came over tonight for drinks and admired my nails, and she tells it straight up. (That is one of the reasons we are such good friends, I like that in a person).  If it don’t look good, she will tell you!

Have a look for yourself