Christmas shopping nailed!!

Well I did get my nails done and they look fab! Check them out….



So I went to check out iPads omgggg!!!  Some guys are dreadful shoppers, and they moan about women shopping…..just go to Dick Smith uggghhh!!!  Waited 30mins in line while one guy checked out warranty after warranty on his TV.  Realised that they would try to sell me a warranty with my iPad, then muttered something I wont repeat and promptly left!

Got a text from a friend (Lady that did my awesome nails) and found out they were cheaper at BigW.  $30 cheaper, so nailed the present for hubby.

Exhaust tips, well hubby can sort that out with 18yo.  Clothes for 15yo…..I hit Kmart, really cool stuff there provided you dont get the bottom of the range.

Then went to Target, got my Mum, Dad and Brother all sorts of stuff (wont tell incase they check in on my blog).

Went to Hudsons for a coffee and lunch with 18yo (school’s out for Summer).  Really cheap but mega good food.  No adverse reactions and I have tummy problems.  Must be a very clean place.

Not being one to leave myself out haha!!  I even went and had a look in an opp shop I haven’t been to in ages, got these shoes $12, haven’t been worn, so cute!

Then hit the gym, but now drinking a glass of red….not so healthy, but hey, all things in moderation as my Grandfather used to say!!


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