Bloggin woes!

Had a major problem with  Some idiot tried to put an advert for viagra on it.  Couldnt get rid of it, then I destroyed my website while trying to fix it to the point that I couldnt add new blogs!! …….Maan I hate hackers!!

After much cursing, I’ve decided to base my website here, in, which makes it easier for all of you lovely followers.  All my blogs will go here.  One stop blog stop right here!

I also have a website called and it’s a website like the other one was with free fashion advice, it’s actually my original website, just not a blog like this is, feel free to check it out.


Seriously thinking of adding something to my coffee after the day I had!

Just got a message saying I reached 500 likes, so I’m staying put!!!  Maybe a good thing my other site crashed……


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