Fabulous Friday

image image image

Good morning all, what a crappy day it is here!  Overcast and rainy, humid, super hair frizz day…yuk!

Anyhow, like I said I was going to post some fabulous styles on Friday which I have seen in magazines.

First picture, just love it, the quirky shoes scarf and bag all clash but have some of the same colors and I love that black dress with the belt, the length is fab also.

Second picture, a vision in the new sand color of the season, all in different tones of it.  Everything fits perfectly. The shoes and clutch tie it off beautifully.

Third picture, who can resist Victoria Beckams style!  Colors of the coming season that absolutely pop in the dress she is wearing.

Fourth and final picture, there’s J Lo, looking great as usual, I have seen this style come up a few times in the past weeks but I’m a little unsure of it.  Looks a bit uncomfortable, but super stylish nevertheless!

And there you have it, my fab Friday for the week, have a great day.



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