Tragic Tuesday!

image image

Hi all,

It’s tragic Tuesday time again….a few days late I know.  I’ve been cramming for an exam.

We all need a pick me up so, I have found some pics which will give you a laugh.

.First one, well J Lo, we know you are gorgeous, but trying to look ‘fierce’ when half your dress is missing is not a fab look. It may look great at the Logies, but I will not be wearing something like that on date night with my hubby.  If I gave him that look he’d think he’s done something wrong.  (Anyway how do you use the bathroom wearing that outfit).   And furthermore, what’s with that fierce look anyway?

Rhianna,  well yes she is usually rocking that bod, but!  Posing as Cookie Monster?  The jacket looks warm……..and blue….and fluffy…..but that’s it.  Maybe more shape would work, or the same cut in a fabric that doesn’t look like she’s gone ahead and skinned a muppet!

And there’s my tragic Tuesday for the week! 😜


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