From Frumpy to Rock Chic

I’m going out tonight and have had a long week at work.  My haircut and manicure happened to be organised for the same day, (today)!  So I have a great excuse for a mini makeover.  So here we go with the pictures,

Okay, so I’m looking slightly hungover here.  I did drink a bit last night I will admit.  I’m thinking that I’m going to need a miracle if I can pull this off!

And look, I broke a nail, just perfect!  I had my nails all long and was thinking of some amazing styles…….



I thought I would give myself a tan, so I got  some dove gradual tan.  I like this stuff because it doesn’t smell strong and will give a natural looking tan.

I use the darker color even though I am very pale.  It tans up faster so you need less.

Be sure to use disposable gloves when you apply it as it can discolor nail polish, it’s also not the easiest to wash off your hands.

One trick I also learnt is to apply it straight after a shower and then once it’s all soaked into your skin, wipe yourself down with a towel.  This prevents you staining your clothes.  This fake tan does come out in the wash though, so no drama if you get it on your clothes.

So here are my new nails!  I had them all shortened, they were getting a bit long anyway.    My short nail doesn’t stand out so much, I’ve gone a dark blue, almost black, very rock chic, so far, so good!


Here’s the hair, lovin it!  All I have to do now is cake on the makeup, put on the outfit  and I’m good to go!  I think I need to look up how to do smokey eyes, I’ll have a go!


And here we go!  Black everything, of course. Utube had a video on how to get the smokey eye effect.  I like the ‘don’t mess with me look’.. Looks like I may be behind the bar tonight so the look is puuuuuurfect!




Delpozo crop shirt
1 205 AUD –

Topshop open front jacket
115 AUD –

River Island pink skirt
59 AUD –

Charlotte Olympia cat ballet flat
630 AUD –

Red box clutch
53 AUD –

Expect the unexpected

Expect the unexpected

Kenzo leather dress
385 AUD –

Shell jacket
69 AUD –

Giuseppe Zanotti pink heel sandals
1 755 AUD –

Rebecca Minkoff green bag
79 AUD –

Uniqlo cotton purse
25 AUD –

Astley Clarke white earrings
6 870 AUD –

Oscar de la Renta resin cuff bracelet
825 AUD –

Balenciaga leather bracelet
335 AUD –

MARC BY MARC JACOBS stainless steel watch
285 AUD –

Druzy necklace
23 AUD –

Decree multi color bracelet
23 AUD –

Introducing rose gold

Introducing rose gold

Vero Moda cuff shirt
40 AUD –

Topshop tailored blazer
115 AUD –

Roberto Cavalli black wide leg trousers
2 195 AUD –

Oasis metallic flat
50 AUD –

Hervé Léger steelers purse
370 AUD –

Michael Kors bracelet
185 AUD –

Daisy Jewellery silver jewellery
255 AUD –

GUESS stainless steel watch
145 AUD –

Witchery earrings