Beware the VPL or not so VPL!


Hi all you fashionistas,

Tragic Tuesday time again!

Looking at this picture, I remember what my Gran used to say “always check your back view”.  Believe me , she was smart and realistic as well as a stylish woman.  This dress is unbelievably clingy on this poor woman.  A slip or at least full briefs would have solved the problem….even tights!

Too many of us assume that a g-string is going to hide a panty line.   Well not always the case, as you can see.  Always get a size up with a ‘g’, otherwise it is noticeable (particularly under gym wear).

Always and I mean ALWAYS hold your dress up to the light to check if it is too sheer.  Even black can be too sheer, as in the picture above.  A slip will prevent that problem.

well that’s all for today.

Have a great day…….and bring on Friday!

Suuze x


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