Life at the Beach

Life at the Beach

Motel cover up
62 AUD –

Havaianas flat shoes
28 AUD –

Palm Beach Jewelry silver necklace
140 AUD –

Estée Lauder eyeshadow
54 AUD –

Dot Bo beach wall art
36 AUD –

Rosanna beach wall art
29 AUD –

Thirstystone coaster
17 AUD –


What is with fashion lately?!


At first glance through my fashion mags, my thoughts are WTF!!!  Who the hell is going to wear this crap?!  It looks like a second hand shop has been ransacked and put onto models.   I dont think I will ever like the shoes shown above……..ever, no matter how comfy they look.

There are some styles which I am trying to warm to….I guess its a case of fashion repeating itself……..we seem stuck in a 70s time warp……….yuk!!  But then I was a teen in the 80’s and can’t wait for those trends to come back in……..(poodle hair and bubble skirts not included of course).  I do like bright colors and fashion that makes a statement.


These shoes, which are very now remind me of something that would have been worn in “Are you being serverd” by Mr. Humpfries who was a closet transvestite….so I am trying to work out who else would wear them…..Agent 99 on a night out on the town maybe?!  or Dorothy in ‘Bewitched”?


These styles, I can cope with, but its still something I would not rush out and buy.  I do like high waisted pants as they seem to sit right on me.  And of course the high waisted jeans were in during the 80’s and I love them.  The patterns and fabric, I do like as it almost has a Russian Gypsy feel to it.


Now this, I really like, Eclectic and well put together and with a statement bag……….not a carbon copy of anything.  I like indivuality in fashion and don’t like being restricted by rules as you may have seen in my previous blogs.

So there you have it, I am frustrated by today’s fashion but I can see I will warm to it eventually, it’s like the 70’s revamped, I still ain’t doing the ‘pussy bow’ or the ‘Mary Janes with the block heel’    I don’t want to channel Mr Humphries in drag!!

Reworking the Blazer

Reworking the Blazer

Blue blazer
130 AUD –

H&M 5 pocket pants
44 AUD –

Navy shoes
985 AUD –

Lanvin accessories handbag
3 460 AUD –

Irene Neuwirth diamond earrings
3 780 AUD –

Topshop watch
155 AUD –

Wrap bracelet
72 AUD –