Hi, my name is Sue.

In the past, I have often wondered if what I am wearing is age appropriate.  I am in my mid forties, and I am now a Writer/Blogger for a Blogging company based in New York.  I am also a Personal Stylist based in Melbourne Australia.

I decided to become a stylist as many of my friends and work colleagues ask me for fashion advice and ask about what I am wearing, also where to get it.  I have often admired fashion and the changes in fashion over the years, how it can transform somebody from looking just average to simply outstanding.  I want to give women and men the chance to feel and look fabulous after a makeover or just some fashion advice

As a busy woman I have to dress comfortably first and foremost, but I now also have to look professional and up to date with fashion in order to be taken seriously.

There are many ways to look good and be comfortable at the same time.

To look professional, you don’t need to be uncomfortable, even in the corporate world.

This blog is designed to help, it is a series of clothing choices I have put together and where to get that clothing if you absolutely must have it!

I also have a more in depth website at http://www.styledbysuuze.com and an online portfolio at http://www.styledbysuuze.allyou.net  for those of you who are interested in my services as a Personal Stylist.



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